Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prius Recall?

I saw an Toyota ad this morning on MSNBC - a contrite "we want you to know we care about safety and we care about our customers" commitment ad.


Curious, I checked Google News and found this headline:   TOYOTA PLANNING RECALL OF PRIUS.

"The brake problem is thought to affect about 270,000 Priuses that were sold in the US and Japan starting last May. Toyota blames a software glitch and says it has already fixed vehicles sold this year."

"The person familiar with Toyota's plans said the company would likely "take action early this week to fix the Priuses."

Do I have mixed feelings?  If this report is true:  yes.

1.  Not happy  -  Toyota recognized the brake problem months ago.  They had a fix.   They applied the fix to vehicles on the assembly line first.  It appears they waited until pressed - to offer the same fix for the car I bought in August 2009.

2.  Relieved - Toyota may announce a recall and fix the brakes on my Prius.

Last week I wondered about the challenges of maintaining today's complex computer-controlled automobiles.

This week I'm wondering about the integrity of a car manufacturer I once admired.

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