Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 Toyota Prius - The 20 Minute Brake Fix

Yesterday was the day.  I took my 2010 Prius to Markquart Toyota for the brake fix.

I also had an oil change, tire rotation and overall check-up.  (why not?)

There were about a half dozen customers in the waiting area.  A small group had corralled a sales consultant.  They were quizzing her about the trade-in value of the car they recently purchased.

I didn't want to hear it.  So I got up and walked around the showroom.  It was full of new vehicles, as was the lot.  I counted a dozen shiny new Priuses - quite a contrast from six months ago when I went out on a test drive.

My sales consultant was in her office.  I hesitated, then went over to say hello.    We talked about the recalls.

I am not unhappy with the Prius or the dealer.  I explained my disappointment with Mr. Toyoda and the staff at the corporate HQ.

Then she said something that made me pause - prior to the recall announcements, statistically, which manufacturer has had the best safety rating and how many Toyota cars are on the road today?

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