Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bald Eagles @ Reads Landing

Can you spot the three Bald Eagles roosting in trees, one on the ice, 
looking west towards the Wisconsin bluffs along the Upper Mississippi River
in Reads Landing, Minnesota

It was a warm and sunny 34º today.  Warm enough to melt the ice on the highways, and sunny enough to make me drop everything and hop into my Prius.   I headed over to Reads Landing to look for the Trumpeter Swans.  They were gone.

But the eagles were still around, growing in numbers.  Flying up and down the river, floating on thermals along the bluffs, fishing and "stealing" fish from others, loafing and perching.

They're here because the river is open, and the fishing (gizzard shad) is good.

If you've got a couple of hours between 10 am and 3pm, now's the time to head to Reads Landing to enjoy the show.

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