Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hoar Frost Again

 Hoar frost on the coulee outside my front door in Nelson, Wisconsin

The forecasters predicted hoar frost this morning.  I got up early (for a Saturday) just in case they got it right.  They did.

Unlike January 19 - this time I was ready with my camera.

I headed north on my favorite "scenic" byway (known in Wisconsin as a "rural road") through the farm and bottom lands of the Lower Chippewa River to Eau Claire.  I thought I was in a race with the sun (melting the hoar frost).  It wasn't the sun, it was the wind.  The roadside was littered with piles ice crystals, sparkling in the sun. 

Other than a Rough-legged Hawk on County Road M and a Red-tailed Hawk at the edge of a snow covered cornfield, not too many birds.

But the hoar frost - wow!

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