Saturday, September 25, 2010

Near Record High Waters in Durand

Looking up-river around noon today, you might not realize the Lower Chippewa River is near record flood stage in Durand, Wisconsin.  

I've lived here for ten years, and I've never seen the river higher.  You can't see the river front road, park and boat dock.    They're all under water.

Here's a down-river view from the Stream Gaging Station at the State Rd 25 Bridge.

And a close-up of the river near the Corral Bar.

Across the bridge, County Road P is closed.

This USGS chart tells the story.  They predict we'll hit "Major Stage" flooding, a new record 17+ feet, Sunday and Monday.

How'd it happen?

Meteorologists say it's due to an excessive runoff from heavy rainfall Wednesday evening through Thursday.  We've had a wet summer.  The ground was saturated.  The water had nowhere to go.

So over the banks it went.

Fortunately, there's no rain in the forecast for next week.

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  1. Looking forward to an update today. I met you along the bridge Sun morning. I did get a glimpse of our place sun afternoon about 5pm and it seems we may have another foot of clearance. Still praying. Great photos. I too am a photo enthusiest (sp?); just didn't have my big camera and lens on Sunday.