Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flood Waters Continue to Rise in Durand

Here's some perspective:

According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, the record-setting flood in the Chippewa Valley took place on September 11, 1884.  The Chicago Tribune reported that the 27-foot flood carried away houses and all the bridges in Eau Claire.  Flood-related losses in the Eau Claire Valley were estimated at $1,500,000.   More than 3,000 homes from Chippewa Falls to Durand were lost.

Here's what's happening today:

The water level hit the "moderate stage" flooding at 16-feet, and it's still rising.

The best place to see the old flood gage (where the old Hwy 10 bridge crossed the Chippewa) is the deck on the river side of the Corral Bar.

Here's how it looks at 4th and Main Street.  River Street is completely submerged.

Here's the view from the deck at the Corral, looking up-river at the old flood gage (next to Chippewa View Park).  Look for the numbers at the lower left of the gray building.

According to the old gage - at 2pm today, the river was up 14-feet.

The official gage, up-river by the new bridge, is 2-feet higher.  The river level is 16-feet.

I drove across the river to take a look at the flooding at State Rd 25 and County Road P in Waterville Twp.

Then I headed back across the river to check out my favorite rustic road - R107 to Meridean.  It was closed east of the Xcel Energy property at Tyrone.

I wondered if the high water would drive the bullsnakes to higher ground across the road near their winter hibernacula.  As the thought crossed my mind, I spotted one on the road, fattened by a vehicle.

How are the insects handling the water?  If they have wings, they're probably okay.  I spotted several bees, flies and butterflies...

Milbert's Tortoiseshell on the riverside deck at the Corral Bar
Eastern Tailed-blue

Eastern Comma

Clouded Sulphur
And the Woolly Bear caterpillars have started to show up all - crawling across sidewalks, the Chippewa River State Trail and State Road 25. 

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