Friday, July 9, 2010

Watching Bluebirds Fledge

I've only seen it once before.  Today I got to see it again:  nestling bluebirds making the transition to fledglings.

It was late in the morning - 11:30am.  I was checking the bluebird boxes in Maxville when I realized my good fortune.  Two chicks poked their heads out of the entrance hole.  I could hear their parents, clacking their bills as they strafed me from overhead.

I went back to my Prius to watch the drama.

I expected the nestlings would fly to the nearby tree.  I was surprised to see the first little bird fail to defy gravity.  Its first "flight" was unspectacular - more like a "plummet" to the grass below.  Momma bluebird brought a mouthful of insects and lured it to cover.

Both mom and dad returned their focus to the other nestlings.

There was a lot of looking, a lot of calling, a lot of momma flying around.

After about an hour, the mid-day heat got to us, so we headed off to check the rest of our nest boxes.  I left feeling good about this box - so far it's been 9 (eggs) for 9 (fledglings).

1 comment:

  1. Great photos of the great event. Very exciting!
    I've never witnessed this in person, but would like to. Paula