Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oriole Feeders

My birdfeeding station has been as busy as "Old Country Buffet" on a Friday night.  

I put out a smorgasbord of fresh food.  I never mix seeds - one per feeder:  black oil sunflower, thistle and millet.  I also provide peanut butter suet, nectar and grape jelly - and fresh water in the two birdbaths I clean every day (it's the zookeeper in me). 

Television doesn't come close to what I've seen this week at my feeders:  the sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining, behavior of fledglings in the first weeks outside the nest.

Who's gonna feed me?  Is this what we're supposed to eat?  You don't look like one of us.  Whoopsie.

Today's new players:  a juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, a family of Northern Cardinals and an Orchard Oriole.  

I was too slow to get the camera focused on the sapsucker and cardinals, but I did catch both the Baltimore and Orchard Orioles, and a few pugnacious hummingbirds.

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