Sunday, December 6, 2009

Satellite Radio

My 2010 Prius came equipped with an integrated satellite radio and a 3-month free trial subscription to XM radio.  

I have to admit, I got hooked on listening to Pops and the BBC on our trip out west.   I dreaded the day I'd have to make a subscription decision.

That day came this week.

When the notice from XM that "your satellite radio trial is about to expire" arrived a few weeks ago, I was tempted to sign on the dotted line.   If I commuted to work, maybe.  But I just don't sit in my car enough to justify a $12.95 monthly fee.  

I'm okay with the Prius JBL 8-speaker sound system.  I get good AM-FM reception.   It holds 6 CDs and I can play my iPod (BirdJam) through the the speakers.

If I change my mind, I can always re-activate.

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