Saturday, March 12, 2011

Horned Lark Numbers on the Rise

A Horned Lark with Hackles Raised

I've been seeing dozens of Horned Larks along the roads in Pepin County, Wisconsin.  And I continue to try to creep close enough for a better look.  Today I got lucky.  The birds seemed to be more intent on feeding, than concerned about the black shadow (me in my Prius) coasting towards them.

Playing my iPod with the BirdJam recording of the song of the Horned Lark seemed to help my picture taking.  One of the birds alerted to the song, looked up and raised the feathers between its horns - something I've never seen before.  I also got close enough to see for the first time, the pinkish tinge to the feathers on the back and shoulders.   The field guides illustrations don't do this bird justice.

Horned Lark with Seed in Beak

One of the best places to see Horned Larks year-round in Pepin County is Silver Birch Road (off County P near Round Hill ).

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