Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eastern Phoebe


I didn't notice the nest until I saw the drops of dark mud on the front steps.

Up until last year, an Eastern Phoebe had built an nest on the light by our kitchen door every summer for nearly a decade. 

While these flycatchers prefer "natural" nest locations, they've adapted to the human-built environment.   They look for locations (cliffs) often near water that are protected by overhangs - under bridges and buildings.

This nest is made of mud, green mosses and leaves - attached to the wall over the light fixture, under the eave.  The cup is lined with hair (cow?) and thin grasses.  The female builds the nest, lays from 3-8 eggs, incubates 16 days and feeds chicks for about 15 days.   She may double brood.  We'll see.

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